About Inherent Media

  • We’re creative professionals with a range of backgrounds that include television, film, journalism, advertising and information technology.

    Big or small, we can produce a video within your budget.

    We at Inherent Media understand the demands of large corporations as much as we understand the needs of small businesses, and we know how to create videos that stand out, engage audiences and deliver results.

    Our Process

    For most videos featuring interviews, products and footage from around your location, we will usually send a two to three man crew to film at one location for a day. Your basic crew is comprised of a highly experienced Producer, Camera Operator, and Assistant who coordinate with a Project Manager to get the very best from the first day of filming.

    More complex videos involving two or more cameras, locations, choreaography, talent, or make-up and hair may require a larger crew and more than one day of filming. If this is the case, we can bring in additional crew to help with set decoration, make-up, etc. We have a team of talented freelancers with years of experience working on film, commercials and music videos who we trust to deliver the same level of quality we provide.

Our Work

At the end of the day, it's about you, your business, our community and all of our growth and success that is visible locally, nationally and globally. We want you to look your best. We are invested in making you look good and being an inherent contributor to your success.

Corporate Videos

In today’s global marketplace there’s no better way to connect with your employees and/or your customers than video. Creating an identifiable brand using video allows your business’ image to be presented across almost all existing digital media platforms and increases public awareness of your company or product.

Music Videos

Give your band the exposure it needs. A music video is the best way to publicize and promote a band. It's not limited geographically, so people from all around the world can potentially see it. Your music video can also give your band a chance to convey your visual style, giving viewers an incentive to go see you perform live. Ask to see our music video reel and we will show you the range of music videos we have produced.


Effective television commercials are produced with the goal of your audience remembering not just the commerical, but the company or product and the message communicated by the commerical. Your commercial must create a connection with you and your target audience that inspires, persuades or motivates them to act. Ask to see our demo reel and we will show you commercials we have produced that we're proud of.

Short Film & Documentary

Storytelling is an intrinsic part of every culture. It's influence defines us and can shape our view of the world. Documentaries take time to organize and produce, but the final video must be emotional and immerse the audience into your story where the audience becomes part of the experience you are sharing. Let us help you tell your story and bring the same cinematic quality and passion for storytelling that we do for our own films.

Political Spots

Advances in media technology has advanced the complexity and reach of political advertising. Candidates now have more options and ways to have their platform reach larger groups of voters beyond traditional television and radio campaigns. We can work with your communications team to create content that aligns with your campaign strategy and adapt and change the content as quickly as voter opinion changes. You don't just want someone behind the camera recording and ulimately delivering a vacant video that only reminds voters that there's an election this year. Ask us to see work we have done for previous campaigns and learn what Inherent Media can offer.

Web Design

The video is done, but getting it out and online is often the most frustrating. Many small businesses do not have the technical staff to produce and publish their video content online -- we handle that, too. Website design and coding is done in-house and we can also help with tasks like finding and securing a domain, conducting onsite photo shoots for website art, graphic design and the ultimate publishing of the final site.


Inherent Media produces carefully-crafted, creative business and corporate videos, commercials, music videos and films for a wide range of clients that include:


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